Hardware Stats
Usage: 30.2%
Load Average: 19.84, 22.96, 21.67
Avalible: 25GB
Used: 36GB
Total: 62GB
Free: 0B
Used: 1.0GB
Total: 1.0GB
Free: 105GB
Used: 318GB
Total: 427GB
Download: 878.7GB
Upload: 8.6TB
Total: 9.5TB
Overall Stats
Total Servers82352883Unowned WADs
Running Servers1352884Uploaded WADs
Successfull Servers3773933Deleted WADs
Low Uptime Servers281244669WAD Downloads
Errored Servers16504135Total WADs
Default Server Limit3126Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit30251Banned IPs
Global Server Limit15011Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU4.3% DnD 2.3i 18-in-1 hc 210683
Memory1393.3MB (2.2%) MM8BDM CBM TLMS (v9a-BETA4)10721
Uptime15d 22h 03m 56s MM8BDM CBM TLMS (v9a-BETA4)10721
LastActivity0d 13h 49m 53s Hexen A New World Wrath of Cronos Latest Release H10698