Hardware Stats
Usage: 14.9%
Load Average: 9.37, 6.23, 4.77
Avalible: 30GB
Used: 31GB
Total: 62GB
Free: 8KB
Used: 1.0GB
Total: 1.0GB
Free: 195GB
Used: 228GB
Total: 427GB
Servers with highest stats
CPU11.3% Comhotel10686
Memory861.2MB (1.3%) MM8BDM CBM TLMS10678
Uptime15d 9h 08m 25s Complex Chillax! (LCA/ILCA/RM/DJB/DUST/Ark/Replacer) - 3 Lives10667
LastActivity0d 19h 35m 24s Wrath of Cronos 12-in-1 Survival // 2 Lives10778
Servers with lowest stats
CPU1.1% EVA`S > 1994TU>CD>LCA>RM10671
Memory108.0MB (0.2%) Brutal Doom v21 Coop w/ Doom 2 Reloaded [BETA]10705
Uptime0d 3h 53m 19s Stronghold Rejuvenated10798
LastActivity0d 0h 00m 05s Stronghold Rejuvenated10798