Hardware Stats
Usage: 14.0%
Load Average: 2.05, 1.46, 1.39
Avalible: 36GB
Used: 26GB
Total: 62GB
Free: 838MB
Used: 183MB
Total: 1.0GB
Free: 79GB
Used: 345GB
Total: 427GB
Download: 103.4GB
Upload: 1.4TB
Total: 1.5TB
Overall Stats
Total Servers110972923Unowned WADs
Running Servers913868Uploaded WADs
Limit Excluded Servers141373Deleted WADs
Successfull Servers887269137WAD Downloads
Errored Servers22254668Total WADs
Default Server Limit3134Banned WADs
Default WAD Limit30298Banned IPs
Global Server Limit15010Whitelisted IPs
Servers with highest stats
CPU5.3% DnD 2.3j 18-in-1 hc110670
Memory1966.9MB (3.1%) Ragestacle Course + Lobstacle Course (real)10668
Uptime13d 6h 52m 24s ALL FEAR THE SENTINEL10666
LastActivity7d 14h 49m 29s SeanTest10726
Servers with lowest stats
CPU0.4% SeanTest10726
Memory30.3MB (0.0%) SeanTest10726
Uptime0d 3h 58m 58s -=Planet Jupi=- I Promise This One Is It10722
LastActivity0d 0h 02m 14s {1 life} Complex Doom>LCA>DJB>D2Reload10710