Zandronum Servers
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ID ▼VersionNamePortHosterIWADRunningCPUMemoryUptimeLast Activity
42173.0-tspgv4 Stronghold Rejuvenated10798tehvappy50doom2.wadYes5.7%152.0MB (0.2%)0d 3h 53m0d 0h 00m
42163.0-tspgv4 SamsaraHold Rejuvenated10797tehvappy50doom2.wadYes0.5%125.5MB (0.2%)0d 3h 54m0d 3h 49m
42143.0-tspgv4 Too Brutal10836Ru5tK1ngdoom2.wadYes0.3%44.6MB (0.1%)0d 11h 29m0d 9h 01m
42133.0-tspgv4 The Private GULAG10834berserkx33Gmegagame.wadYes0.4%626.0MB (1.0%)0d 13h 55m0d 13h 53m
42123.0-tspgv4 Hexen: Relics of Damnation - Test10772Harbingerhexen.wadYes0.5%54.5MB (0.1%)0d 13h 59m0d 13h 13m
42113.0-tspgv4 Meme_hell10837jack_the_dragondoom2.wadYes0.8%64.0MB (0.1%)0d 14h 04m0d 5h 38m
42083.0-tspgv4 Wrath of Cronos Doom Edition (Priv Survival)10835-=bd=- LichKingdoom2.wadYes0.6%65.5MB (0.1%)0d 17h 00m0d 14h 04m
42073.0-tspgv4 {K0RP53} CD: 3 Hours in Agony 3 >1 Life - No HP / Armor Respawn<10829Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.3%51.6MB (0.1%)0d 17h 01m0d 11h 59m
42063.0-tspgv4 {K0RP53} CD: 3 Hours in Agony 2 >1 Life - No HP / Armor Respawn<10828Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.3%51.3MB (0.1%)0d 17h 03m0d 12h 45m
42053.0-tspgv4 Dook it out in DBzone X10738Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadYes0.3%37.9MB (0.1%)0d 17h 03m0d 17h 03m
42043.0-tspgv4 {K0RP53} CD: 3 Hours in Agony >1 Life - No HP / Armor Respawn<10759Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.5%70.8MB (0.1%)0d 17h 05m0d 11h 38m
42003.0-tspgv4 Complex Doom INVASION (SERVIDORESP) >> Reinforcement System << 10833ivilokdoom2.wadYes0.7%125.4MB (0.2%)0d 19h 31m0d 2h 48m
41983.0-tspgv4 Classic Stronghold w/ fixes/items10832Espiodoom2.wadYes0.7%101.7MB (0.2%)0d 22h 12m0d 21h 26m
41963.0-tspgv4 invasion uac10769JhonneyDOOMdoom2.wadYes0.5%53.2MB (0.1%)0d 23h 52m0d 21h 42m
41913.0-tspgv4 Complex AV (Addons/Replacer) >>1 Life | No HP/AP<<10739doomjoshuaboydoom2.wadYes0.7%136.9MB (0.2%)1d 4h 24m0d 4h 37m
41893.0-tspgv4 Beef quest10831Metabeedoom2.wadYes0.6%87.4MB (0.1%)1d 6h 53m0d 9h 52m
41883.0-tspgv4 Abyss/Hard-Doomv7.1/2-lives10830the_goatdoom2.wadYes0.4%42.3MB (0.1%)1d 6h 54m1d 1h 04m
41853.0-tspgv4 NIGHTMARERUS /CD/10703Eagledoom2.wadYes0.4%59.2MB (0.1%)1d 8h 13m1d 8h 13m
41813.0-tspgv4 Heretic Hyper Invasion10734meleemarioheretic.wadYes0.4%44.9MB (0.1%)1d 9h 44m1d 6h 31m
41733.0-tspgv4 Death 'n Decay Compendium w/ Monsters10827Shawnethdoom2.wadYes0.6%100.0MB (0.2%)1d 16h 05m0d 0h 00m
41723.0-tspgv4 Loretta says Hi?10825Fefnirmegagame.wadYes0.5%272.1MB (0.4%)1d 18h 12m1d 15h 40m
41713.0-tspgv4 Death 'n Decay Compendium10824Shawnethdoom2.wadYes0.6%87.1MB (0.1%)1d 18h 21m0d 7h 36m
41693.0-tspgv4 MM8BDM CBM TLMS (Map Packs)10677CutmanMikemegagame.wadYes1.0%568.7MB (0.9%)1d 18h 44m0d 16h 09m
41683.0-tspgv4 Medieval Sieges Monster Commands10716Madcatdoom2.wadYes0.5%87.3MB (0.1%)1d 18h 58m0d 19h 52m
41673.0-tspgv4 *** Mop Complex + LCA 1.5.5 [Doom 2] ***10818Combinedoom2.wadYes0.4%70.4MB (0.1%)1d 20h 33m0d 7h 52m
41653.0-tspgv4 more private DnD I guess10785YairDudedoom2.wadYes0.4%80.5MB (0.1%)1d 20h 47m1d 19h 22m
41643.0-tspgv4 g-d vile Brutal Doom 21 test realism survival10816TruePortmandoom.wadYes0.6%133.5MB (0.2%)1d 22h 28m0d 20h 10m
41633.0-tspgv4 Dauzer Brutal10815AqwerfNetdoom2.wadYes0.4%97.1MB (0.2%)1d 22h 55m1d 3h 02m
41613.0-tspgv4 ZTDM Official Tournament Server10796Decaydoom2.wadYes0.4%35.3MB (0.1%)1d 23h 39m1d 23h 26m
41603.0-tspgv4 Combat Shock 210777JhonneyDOOMdoom2.wadYes0.7%121.1MB (0.2%)2d 1h 47m1d 20h 50m
41543.0-tspgv4 Neptune is hosting: Unholy Bosses with too many maps10689Metalmanmegagame.wadYes0.6%582.1MB (0.9%)2d 8h 32m0d 1h 41m
41533.0-tspgv4 ~~~(>0.0)>10755the_goatdoom2.wadYes0.3%35.2MB (0.1%)2d 8h 46m1d 23h 19m
41523.0-tspgv4 Complex Descent Into Pandemonium (1 Life)10697Jamesdoom2.wadYes0.5%79.9MB (0.1%)2d 9h 57m0d 15h 00m
41513.0-tspgv4 Hexen A New World Wrath of Cronos and Boss Patch10669Zombiehexen.wadYes0.4%68.2MB (0.1%)2d 10h 14m1d 16h 14m
41493.0-tspgv4 Complex Doom + LCA | BTSX | (Private)10826Walkerrr80doom2.wadYes0.8%107.0MB (0.2%)2d 12h 03m0d 9h 45m
41473.0-tspgv4 TNT:Evilution (the musical)10745Cyberdemonesstnt.wadYes0.4%68.2MB (0.1%)2d 13h 05m2d 11h 16m
41453.0-tspgv4 KoT Classes Official Server10823MrJak532megagame.wadYes0.5%343.2MB (0.5%)2d 14h 23m0d 0h 00m
41443.0-tspgv4 EVA`S > Rebirth>CD>LCA>RM10822EVAdoom2.wadYes0.9%226.0MB (0.4%)2d 14h 44m0d 0h 02m
41433.0-tspgv4 RGA ALIEN VENDETTA10821Duffertondoom2.wadYes0.7%84.1MB (0.1%)2d 14h 44m0d 0h 32m
41393.0-tspgv4 Classic DOOM 2/Skulltag10806SplashWomandoom2.wadYes0.4%41.2MB (0.1%)2d 16h 16m0d 6h 57m
41373.0-tspgv4 Wrath of Cronos 12-in-1 Survival // 2 Lives10778naxmasdoom2.wadYes2.3%350.5MB (0.5%)2d 17h 01m0d 19h 35m
41343.0-tspgv4 Ancient Aliens w/ Combine Arms + a few mods ;) (3 Lives)10701Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadYes0.5%122.2MB (0.2%)2d 17h 39m2d 16h 53m
41333.0-tspgv4 Brutal Doom v21 Coop w/ Doom 2 Reloaded [BETA]10705Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadYes2.1%108.0MB (0.2%)2d 17h 40m0d 0h 26m
41313.0-tspgv4 Complex Hell on Earth Survival [v27] [1 Life + HP/AP Respawn] 10808Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadYes0.4%77.0MB (0.1%)2d 19h 18m0d 14h 31m
41303.0-tspgv4 Priv CBM Duel10820Razgrizmegagame.wadYes0.4%305.5MB (0.5%)2d 19h 53m0d 0h 00m
41263.0-tspgv4 Icon of Party10819JhonneyDOOMdoom2.wadYes0.4%49.4MB (0.1%)2d 20h 07m0d 22h 02m
41243.0-tspgv4 Private Four Square10801TheMightyHeracrossdoom2.wadYes0.4%36.8MB (0.1%)2d 20h 13m0d 22h 21m
41233.0-tspgv4 Brutal Doom v21 beta INVASION [2 lives]10814UnixC564-35716doom2.wadYes0.4%90.9MB (0.1%)2d 23h 11m1d 5h 07m
41223.0-tspgv4 Sentey's Instagib O' Fun10736Cyberdemondoom2.wadYes0.4%81.0MB (0.1%)2d 23h 20m0d 9h 50m
41213.0-tspgv4 Dauzer10735AqwerfNetdoom2.wadYes0.4%75.8MB (0.1%)2d 23h 23m2d 18h 49m