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ID ▼VersionNamePortHosterIWADRunningCPUMemoryUptimeLast Activity
28633.0-tspgv3 CDICDICDICDICDICDICDICDI10672TruePortmandoom2.wadYes3.9%129.1MB (0.2%)0d 1h 30m0d 0h 00m
28613.0-tspgv3CDICDICDICDICDICDICDICDI10672TruePortmandoom2.wadNo0d 1h 36m
28593.0-tspgv3 Samento's 1994 tune up death and decay 10731samento94doom2.wadYes0.5%69.9MB (0.1%)0d 5h 27m0d 4h 48m
28563.0-tspgv3 Hexen Wrath Of Cronos (Private Co-op)10701MaximumGrubOhexen.wadYes47.7%65.4MB (0.1%)0d 9h 55m0d 5h 26m
28543.0-tspgv3 RGA2 in CChest4 -- Coop -- Ultra Violence10730Kherrdoom2.wadYes0.5%106.0MB (0.2%)0d 10h 38m0d 0h 24m
28453.0-tspgv3 {K0RP53} CD: Rush >>1 Life - No HP / Armor Respawn<<10729Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.4%51.0MB (0.1%)0d 12h 23m0d 2h 48m
28443.0-tspgv3 Rc Hq v12 DeathMatch10728MaximumGrubOdoom2.wadYes0.4%50.4MB (0.1%)0d 12h 31m0d 12h 18m
28433.0-tspgv3Rc Hq DeathMatch10728MaximumGrubOdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 37m
28423.0-tspgv3 F5 Duel, Greenwar m20 remake and skulltag maps (OPEN GL REQUIRED)10667snowstormdoom2.wadYes0.4%48.9MB (0.1%)0d 15h 47m0d 13h 12m
28413.0-tspgv3 Descent Into Pandemonium (CD/LCA Edit/1 Life)10703Jamesdoom2.wadYes0.6%117.8MB (0.2%)0d 16h 18m0d 13h 49m
28403.0-tspgv3 Caution TEST SERVER!!!! razor final edition underburos10690r4z0rdoom2.wadYes0.4%34.7MB (0.1%)0d 17h 35m0d 16h 03m
28363.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!! razor tdm TEST ING PLSEAe10728r4z0rdoom2.wadNo0d 3h 30m
28353.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!! duel razor map pls test10703r4z0rdoom2.wadNo0d 3h 31m
28343.0-tspgv3 MM8BDM CBM TLMS (Map Packs)10726CutmanMikemegagame.wadYes1.7%576.0MB (0.9%)0d 22h 36m0d 0h 00m
28333.0-tspgv3 {K0RP53} CD: GMP>>1 Life - No HP / Armor Respawn<<10725Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.5%57.4MB (0.1%)0d 22h 37m0d 4h 46m
28313.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!! razor map ty jake10703r4z0rdoom2.wadNo0d 1h 32m
28303.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!!10703r4z0rdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 12m
28293.0-tspgv3 Jump Maze10724UsernameAKdoom2.wadYes0.6%119.1MB (0.2%)0d 23h 15m0d 0h 10m
28283.0-tspgv3Please!10672TruePortmantnt.wadNo0d 20h 19m
28253.0-tspgv3Complex Doom _ Btsx2 machomacho10724Cruduxydoom2.wadNo0d 0h 37m
28243.0-tspgv3 Samento's D2Reloaded death and decay 10722samento94doom2.wadYes0.5%92.3MB (0.1%)1d 1h 44m0d 19h 35m
28213.0-tspgv3 MM8BDM CBM TLMS10719CutmanMikemegagame.wadYes0.3%296.1MB (0.5%)1d 2h 22m0d 5h 12m
28113.0-tspgv3 Samento's D2Reloaded death and decay 10709samento94doom2.wadYes0.8%82.3MB (0.1%)1d 3h 45m0d 2h 00m
28013.0-tspgv3 The Sentinel's Summoning Grounds - Official Server #210717MiFUdoom2.wadYes0.4%230.3MB (0.4%)1d 4h 19m1d 4h 19m
28003.0-tspgv3 The Sentinel's Summoning Grounds - Official Tournament Server #110712MiFUdoom2.wadYes0.3%230.2MB (0.4%)1d 4h 20m1d 4h 20m
27993.0-tspgv3Samento's D2Reloaded death and decay "Hem in the trashcan"10709samento94doom2.wadNo0d 0h 33m
27983.0-tspgv3Samento's D2Reloaded death and decay "Hem in the trashcan"10709samento94doom2.wadNo0d 0h 15m
27913.0-tspgv3 Complex Doom MAR10704Ssdoom2.wadYes0.5%211.8MB (0.3%)1d 7h 11m0d 0h 01m
27893.0-tspgv3DOOM MAR10704Ssdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 14m
27873.0-tspgv3Hexen Wrath Of Cronos (Private Co-op)10701MaximumGrubOhexen.wadNo0d 23h 51m
27803.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!! gay10703r4z0rdoom2.wadNo0d 14h 32m
27793.0-tspgv3Caution TEST SERVER!!!!10701X-Raydoom2.wadNo0d 1h 13m
27783.0-tspgv3 Skulltag DM10700IdiotBitzdoom2.wadYes0.3%41.0MB (0.1%)1d 17h 01m0d 16h 50m
27773.0-tspgv3 DnD Descent Into Pandemonium (1 Life)10698Jamesdoom2.wadYes1.1%127.9MB (0.2%)1d 17h 11m0d 1h 10m
27733.0-tspgv3 Prophunt w/ Exosounds (god bless)10695fadedoom2.wadYes0.3%38.8MB (0.1%)1d 17h 43m0d 4h 16m
27723.0-tspgv3 why do i have to host from the website fambruh10693fadedoom2.wadYes0.3%125.8MB (0.2%)1d 18h 11m1d 2h 18m
27713.0-tspgv3 Fat Prog Duel10692Ru5tK1ngdoom2.wadYes0.3%48.2MB (0.1%)1d 18h 13m1d 16h 25m
27673.0-tspgv3 Hell On Earth Starter Pack W/ Doom 2016 weapons!10689Cyclodoom2.wadYes0.4%88.6MB (0.1%)1d 19h 05m0d 0h 32m
27663.0-tspgv3 zdw2.0$$$pimpmordekaiser69machoseiman.wad10684SwordGruntdoom2.wadYes0.6%144.9MB (0.2%)1d 19h 09m0d 13h 56m
27583.0-tspgv3Ghosted The Kidnapping of the doom guys10667snowstormdoom2.wadNo1d 4h 22m
27573.0-tspgv3 Brutal Maps of Chaos OVERKILL10683pavo9001doom2.wadYes0.4%65.8MB (0.1%)1d 20h 55m0d 1h 49m
27563.0-tspgv3 Hexen A New World Wrath of Cronos and Boss Patch10682Zombiehexen.wadYes1.5%219.7MB (0.3%)1d 22h 19m0d 3h 41m
27553.0-tspgv310672TruePortmantnt.wadNo1d 3h 17m
27473.0-tspgv3 All out war 2.2 Latest Version (NO TICKETS)10678snowstormdoom2.wadYes2.1%245.4MB (0.4%)2d 4h 16m0d 0h 00m
27453.0-tspgv3 Tiny UV + valiant10674Cruduxydoom2.wadYes0.4%54.9MB (0.1%)2d 6h 42m0d 22h 36m
27433.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 MegaManX easy mode mm8bdm-v4c10672Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 3h 01m
27393.0-tspgv3 {K0RP53} Complex Doom: Compendium >>1 Life - No Health / Armor Respawn<<10670Korpsedoom2.wadYes0.5%75.7MB (0.1%)2d 10h 47m0d 0h 16m
27373.0-tspgv3Testx10672Dark-Assassindoom2.wadNo0d 0h 28m
27363.0-tspgv3 Metal Slug X10671BlueLizard75doom2.wadYes0.3%42.9MB (0.1%)2d 13h 58m0d 5h 04m
27343.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 MegaManX Easy mode MM8BDM-V4c10670Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 1h 27m
27293.0-tspgv3Doom Blue Hell with Wrath of Cronos10670Zombiedoom2.wadNo0d 0h 32m
27273.0-tspgv3 Alpha/Delta Invasion w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (5 Lives)10808Faerlyndoom2.wadYes0.6%65.2MB (0.1%)2d 15h 34m1d 11h 32m
27263.0-tspgv3 Deus Vult w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (3 Lives | Ammo Respawns)10807Faerlyndoom2.wadYes0.4%54.4MB (0.1%)2d 15h 34m0d 2h 44m
27253.0-tspgv3 Community Chest 3 w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10806Faerlyndoom2.wadYes0.3%41.1MB (0.1%)2d 15h 34m2d 15h 34m
27243.0-tspgv3 Alien Vendetta w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10797Faerlyndoom2.wadYes0.3%38.6MB (0.1%)2d 15h 34m2d 0h 18m
27233.0-tspgv3 FreeDoom w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10781Faerlyndoom2.wadYes0.3%37.4MB (0.1%)2d 15h 35m1d 23h 36m
27213.0-tspgv3 Brutal Doom 64! - damo2k10914damo2kdoom2.wadYes0.3%47.5MB (0.1%)2d 16h 17m0d 20h 09m
27183.0-tspgv3 Deven10913i2smrt4udoom2.wadYes0.4%29.6MB (0.0%)2d 16h 23m2d 16h 18m
27133.0-tspgv3Brutal Doom 64! - damo2k10913damo2kdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 27m
27113.0-tspgv3KoT Classes Test Server10910MrJak532megagame.wadNo0d 6h 36m
27103.0-tspgv3 SPELL ICUP10891DimpsyVSmegagame.wadYes0.3%557.6MB (0.9%)2d 18h 17m1d 23h 07m
27093.0-tspgv3Metal Slug!10741BlueLizard75doom2.wadNo0d 4h 30m
27023.0-tspgv3Cybercrime 3 DM =(NT) Nice Tits=10741fm33doom2.wadNo0d 1h 10m
27003.0-tspgv355555555555510912TruePortmantnt.wadNo0d 18h 24m
26953.0-tspgv3 sean testicles10911Seandoom2.wadYes0.3%29.4MB (0.0%)2d 22h 04m0d 23h 51m
26943.0-tspgv3TBAGS Vs. Testing10910greenshrummegagame.wadNo0d 1h 37m
26923.0-tspgv3 Ancient Aliens w/ Combined Arms (3 Lives)10909Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadYes0.5%202.9MB (0.3%)3d 0h 47m2d 15h 55m
26883.0-tspgv3 Hexen Monspeed : cg3_ch12 10715Cruduxyhexen.wadYes0.4%73.9MB (0.1%)3d 3h 10m1d 23h 32m
26873.0-tspgv3 NIGHTMARERUS10691Eagledoom2.wadYes0.4%73.8MB (0.1%)3d 3h 17m1d 1h 54m
26863.0-tspgv3Hexen Monspeed : cg3_ch12 + New Monspeed (14\10\17)10911Cruduxyhexen.wadNo0d 0h 31m
26853.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 MegaManX Easy mode10691Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 0h 32m
26833.0-tspgv3 Complex Mystery 1 >>1 Life | No HP/AP<<10668tdawgdoom2.wadYes0.8%145.4MB (0.2%)3d 4h 01m0d 0h 15m
26763.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 Co-op easy mode10907Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 22h 58m
26753.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 coop easy mode10907Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 0h 15m
26743.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 MegaManX easy mode10913Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 0h 16m
26703.0-tspgv3Worms Doom10912DeanYktRudoom2.wadNo0d 2h 59m
26693.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik1 MegaManX10911Maxon4ik1megagame.wadNo0d 0h 16m
26683.0-tspgv3Worms Doom10910DeanYktRudoom2.wadNo0d 3h 29m
26673.0-tspgv3 Maxon4ik1 team10723Maxon4ik1megagame.wadYes0.3%277.7MB (0.4%)3d 7h 24m2d 16h 18m
26663.0-tspgv3 Maxon4ik110895Maxon4ik1megagame.wadYes0.3%305.4MB (0.5%)3d 8h 38m0d 22h 37m
26653.0-tspgv3Maxon4ik110723Maxon4ik1doom2.wadNo0d 0h 43m
26643.0-tspgv3Deus Vult w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (3 Lives | Ammo Respawns)10894Faerlyndoom2.wadNo0d 19h 30m
26633.0-tspgv3Community Chest 3 w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10878Faerlyndoom2.wadNo0d 19h 31m
26623.0-tspgv3Alien Vendetta w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10870Faerlyndoom2.wadNo0d 19h 31m
26613.0-tspgv3FreeDoom w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10781Faerlyndoom2.wadNo0d 19h 31m
26603.0-tspgv3Doom II w/ Hard Doom v8.1 (1 Life | Ammo Respawns)10670Faerlyndoom2.wadNo0d 19h 31m
26593.0-tspgv3 Samsara Deathmatch10908Doomer9000doom2.wadYes0.6%134.7MB (0.2%)3d 11h 48m0d 1h 15m
26573.0-tspgv3 polly and pack10851UnixC564-35716doom2.wadYes0.4%36.5MB (0.1%)3d 15h 52m2d 16h 18m
26543.0-tspgv3 Brutal doom Community Chest10827snowstormdoom2.wadYes0.4%74.7MB (0.1%)3d 16h 00m0d 0h 19m
26533.0-tspgv3Ancient Aliens w/ Combined Arms (3 Lifes)10909Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadNo0d 14h 34m
26523.0-tspgv3Doominati Funtimes10781TerminusEst13doom2.wadNo0d 4h 52m
26513.0-tspgv3Ancient Aliens w/ Combined Arms (3 Lifes)10908Dave is Bored Thodoom2.wadNo0d 1h 26m
26473.0-tspgv3 All Out War 2.2 (Oct 13th)10877Jasondoom2.wadYes1.2%237.4MB (0.4%)3d 18h 02m0d 3h 18m
26463.0-tspgv3 commandered by doominati oh no10846Marcaekdoom2.wadYes0.5%103.6MB (0.2%)3d 18h 37m2d 16h 18m
26453.0-tspgv3 Bellic Brutal10893Bellic-Pauldoom2.wadYes0.4%68.2MB (0.1%)3d 20h 10m0d 20h 38m
26443.0-tspgv3 Bellic Zombie10903Bellic-Pauldoom2.wadYes0.3%45.9MB (0.1%)3d 20h 35m2d 16h 18m
26423.0-tspgv3Bellic Brutal10908Bellic-Pauldoom2.wadNo0d 0h 13m
26413.0-tspgv3Bellic Zombie10903Bellic-Pauldoom2.wadNo0d 0h 19m
26403.0-tspgv3All Out War 2.2 (Oct 9th)10893Jasondoom2.wadNo0d 0h 36m
26333.0-tspgv3 ghosted stream10889UnixC564-35716doom2.wadYes0.4%132.2MB (0.2%)3d 21h 27m0d 13h 48m