Zandronum Servers
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ID ▼VersionNamePortHosterIWADRunningCPUMemoryUptimeLast Activity
51603.0-tspgv4 Mega Macacos10703Auranmegagame.wadYes1.0%300.1MB (0.5%)0d 3h 10m0d 2h 29m
51593.0-tspgv4 Wily Inc. with Justified Classes10735Universal 22megagame.wadYes10.8%357.8MB (0.6%)0d 4h 52m0d 0h 00m
51583.0-tspgv4 Complex Dark Tartarus (LCA/RM/DJB/Ark/Replacer)10732ForrestMarkXdoom2.wadYes13.0%226.5MB (0.4%)0d 5h 56m0d 3h 20m
51563.0-tspgv4Complex Dark Tartarus (LCA/RM/DJB/Ark/Replacer)10732ForrestMarkXdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 25m
51553.0-tspgv4 Alien Vendetta + RGA210734HellBlade64doom2.wadYes0.8%110.2MB (0.2%)0d 10h 39m0d 9h 55m
51543.0-tspgv4 Uncle Bernie's OS Servers: UDMX DM10733Maximusdoom2.wadYes0.6%32.6MB (0.1%)0d 11h 59m0d 2h 03m
51533.0-tspgv4Complex Dark Tartarus (LCA/RM/DJB/Ark/Replacer)10732ForrestMarkXdoom2.wadNo0d 3h 39m
51523.0-tspgv4KoT Classes Official Server10732MrJak532megagame.wadNo0d 1h 26m
51513.0-tspgv4 Justified Classes Deathmatch10729Fyonemegagame.wadYes1.0%299.3MB (0.5%)0d 14h 16m0d 0h 00m
51503.0-tspgv4 Justified Classes TLMS (Map Packs)10684Fyonemegagame.wadYes0.7%474.2MB (0.7%)0d 14h 18m0d 0h 22m
51483.0-tspgv4Justified Classes TLMS (Map Packs)10684Fyonemegagame.wadNo0d 0h 11m
51463.0-tspgv4 Megamans10731Ru5tK1ngdoom2.wadYes0.7%487.5MB (0.8%)0d 15h 09m0d 14h 56m
51423.0-tspgv4 Red's Server10730CareBoby-71920megagame.wadYes0.7%400.3MB (0.6%)0d 15h 17m0d 14h 11m
51293.0-tspgv4 Comhotel (Now with Fishing!)10676Geekiemegagame.wadYes1.4%368.9MB (0.6%)0d 17h 17m0d 0h 00m
51253.0-tspgv4Pyrrhic with Samsara Deathmatch10729meleemariodoom2.wadNo0d 4h 01m
51203.0-tspgv4 Kitana w/ Hard DOOM v8.1 [1 Life/ No Item Respawn]10728Epic_Tomdoom2.wadYes1.8%57.9MB (0.1%)0d 19h 16m0d 6h 37m
51193.0-tspgv4 Foursite w/ Hard DOOM v8.110727Epic_Tomdoom2.wadYes2.7%288.5MB (0.4%)0d 19h 18m0d 7h 28m
51183.0-tspgv4 Mortal Kombat II V2.6 FIX2 (new version)10710doomerodoom2.wadYes0.8%217.1MB (0.3%)0d 19h 33m0d 0h 12m
51163.0-tspgv4 IHMN w/ Hard DOOM v8.1 [1 Life/ No Item Respawn]10725Epic_Tomdoom2.wadYes0.8%47.9MB (0.1%)0d 19h 40m0d 17h 15m
51153.0-tspgv4 touhou earth invasion requiem10725Leoyagami96doom2.wadYes0.7%120.6MB (0.2%)0d 19h 40m0d 12h 43m
51133.0-tspgv4 Complex Doom + LCA | CChest 4 | (PRIVATE)10724Walkerrr80doom2.wadYes1.4%105.1MB (0.2%)0d 20h 05m0d 11h 47m
51123.0-tspgv4 HacX Co-op10723meleemariohacx.wadYes0.7%34.3MB (0.1%)0d 20h 26m0d 13h 27m
51113.0-tspgv4 IPXMATCH with Samsara Deathmatch10722meleemariodoom2.wadYes0.6%88.0MB (0.1%)0d 21h 10m0d 11h 50m
51103.0-tspgv4 Heretic Hyper Invasion10721meleemarioheretic.wadYes0.7%43.8MB (0.1%)0d 21h 13m0d 4h 08m
51093.0-tspgv4 MM8BDM Co-op mission mode10708MercuryBeat!megagame.wadYes0.6%250.0MB (0.4%)0d 22h 08m0d 1h 58m
51043.0-tspgv4 SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN WAITING IN LINE AT THE MALL10720kyokodoom2.wadYes0.9%71.4MB (0.1%)0d 23h 05m0d 0h 35m
51033.0-tspgv4MM8BDM JC Deathmatch10708MercuryBeat!megagame.wadNo0d 0h 54m
50993.0-tspgv455555555555555555555555555555555555510708TruePortmandoom.wadNo0d 0h 14m
50953.0-tspgv4 Redd's ComHotel Server10719ReddThePyromegagame.wadYes3.3%396.8MB (0.6%)1d 1h 45m0d 0h 07m
50943.0-tspgv4 ][ Back to Saturn Episode 1 with Samsara Regeneration][10716Hiragamerdoom2.wadYes3.2%228.4MB (0.4%)1d 2h 07m0d 0h 01m
50933.0-tspgv4DilfMaddy10716Figgy McSquigginsfreedoom1.wadNo0d 0h 22m
50913.0-tspgv4MilfDaddy10716Figgy McSquigginsdoom2.wadNo0d 0h 10m
50903.0-tspgv4Wily Inc. with Tat's Classes10716Universal 22megagame.wadNo0d 0h 11m
50803.0-tspgv4 The Private GULAG10711berserkx33Gmegagame.wadYes0.7%606.5MB (0.9%)1d 4h 35m1d 4h 31m
50793.0-tspgv4 AV Like You've Never Seen It (LCA/iLCA/DJB/ARK/Replacer)10714>killerkouhai<doom2.wadYes5.8%222.7MB (0.3%)1d 7h 20m0d 0h 02m
50783.0-tspgv4 DOOM64 DOOM2 w/ HD v8.1 [1 Life/ No Item Respawn]10713Epic_Tomdoom2.wadYes1.0%48.8MB (0.1%)1d 12h 49m0d 15h 51m
50753.0-tspgv4SVDoom Testing10713Dark-Assassindoom2.wadNo0d 0h 10m
50743.0-tspgv4 Winter Wonderland official server10718LanHikariDSdoom2.wadYes0.7%40.0MB (0.1%)1d 15h 27m1d 9h 24m
50733.0-tspgv4 Samsara Regeneration - Armageddon 1.133 patch10717Hiragamerdoom2.wadYes0.8%167.2MB (0.3%)1d 16h 01m0d 21h 49m
50723.0-tspgv4SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTERFEST (12/10/17) (Doom Anniversary Special Double Feature) (Doom 2)10716meleemariodoom2.wadNo0d 4h 24m
50713.0-tspgv4 One Park Avenue w/ Hard Doom V8.1 (private, 1 life)10715Sompidoom2.wadYes1.1%46.0MB (0.1%)1d 16h 07m1d 12h 46m
50703.0-tspgv4SUNDAY NIGHT SLAUGHTERFEST (12/10/17) (Doom Anniversary Special Double Feature) (Ultimate Doom)10714meleemariodoom.wadNo0d 4h 30m
50693.0-tspgv4][Compendium with Samsara Regeneration][10713Hiragamerdoom2.wadNo0d 1h 12m
50683.0-tspgv4 Progressive Deathmatch10712Decaydoom2.wadYes0.9%64.8MB (0.1%)1d 16h 20m0d 13h 32m
50663.0-tspgv4 Comhotel by Masahiro Sakurai10686Geekiemegagame.wadYes0.9%326.9MB (0.5%)1d 16h 42m0d 0h 40m
50653.0-tspgv4The Private GULAG10711berserkx33Gmegagame.wadNo0d 12h 23m
50643.0-tspgv4Ichor the Blood of the Gods (Fixed)10676protoxheretic.wadNo0d 23h 36m
50633.0-tspgv4Mortal Kombat II v2.6 fix 1 (test version)10710doomerodoom2.wadNo0d 22h 21m
50623.0-tspgv4Comhotel (Now with Fishing!)10684Geekiemegagame.wadNo1d 0h 51m
50613.0-tspgv4Redd's Unofficial Hotel Server (Fishing Update!)10708ReddThePyromegagame.wadNo0d 16h 27m