We run a Terraria Server!
TSPG Terraria v1.3.5.3 - Running tShock v4.3.24
Hosted by Dark-Assassin
Address: allfearthesentinel.net:7777 or
First time users must register then login - /register <password> + /login <password>
Existing users will need to just /login <password> if they haven't since the update
All character inventories and stats are server sided!
TSPG Staff can ask for moderator permissions
TSPG Donators can get VIP, which will give you the ability to protect chests, switches and signs and let you bypass the player limit
Discord Channel: #terraria on The Sentinel's Playground
If you are using tModLoader and want to still play vanilla too:
1: Rename tModLoader's Terraria.exe to tModLoader.exe
2: Verify Integrity of Game Files in Steam (or restore backup Terraria.exe if you have one)
3: Download and install Terraria Game Launcher
4: Run Terraria.exe from Steam, it'll open the Game Launcher instead. It however will ask you for Admin Permissions. Just let it.
5: Click Add App and select tModLoader.exe in App Path and set the GLI name to the same as Name