TSPG Rules

  • Do not bypass file bans by uploading similar files.
  • Please refrain from uploading more than a few files at once.
  • No uploading H-Doom or similar.
IRC Channel
  • Please use common sense. Which includes no harassment and ban evasions.
  • Spamming and Advertising is not allowed.
  • Bypassing channel bans may result in a global ban.
  • Please use common sense. Which includes no harassment, ban evasions and senseless yelling.
  • Spamming and Advertising is not allowed.
Server Hosting
Please note that although the server started is still yours, you need to abide by a set of rules in order for everyone to enjoy TSPG.
  • If you ever rename your server with sv_hostname, the TSPG tag will remain intact.
  • You may not kick/ban random players for no reason. Each punishment must have a valid reason associated with it. If you find yourself banning a lot of players, consider asking us for help.
  • Please keep sv_cheats off. Keep it fair for everyone.
  • Please don't add bots, they can cause memory leaks. If you're alone, why not invite someone to play with you?
  • Please don't do or host anything horrendously intensive on your server! We all must share the node.
Server Playing
  • Please use common sense. Which includes no harassment, ban evasions, exploit abusing and/or hacking.

Disclaimer: TSPG is an open hosting cluster. It is NOT a server hosting utility. That means TSPG's owners/admins have carte blanche when dealing with situations. If you disagree with how a situation was handled, please bring it up with Staff on IRC. We will check logs and discuss any issues regarding behavior.
Our moderation system:

Players will be warned and then banned an increasing length of time.
  1. Warning
  2. 1 Week Ban
  3. 1 Month Ban
  4. 6 Month Ban
  5. Permanent with Appeal
  6. Permanent no Appeal
Staff may either ban a player from hosting or from both hosting and joining based on context. Staff can also determine whether a player's case warrants an exception to this process.
What you may not do as a Host:

When you use the TSPG to play a game as a player, you agree to the following terms:
  1. Attempt to bypass our banned wads (reuploading, using different wadnames, etc)
  2. Add bots to your server (they cause memory leaks)
  3. Kicking, muting, banning, etc a player with no reason. (You MUST add a ban reason).
  4. Unfairly using rcon to achieve advantages against other players
  5. Using rcon to spam messages, http music files, etc.
  6. Using hostnames to attack another player (e.g hostname="Someguy is a big jerk")

What you may not do as a Player:

  1. Cheat, abuse glitches, exploit, etc in order to gain an advantage over other players or to ruin games.
  2. Harassment, excessive racism, sexism, trolling - Players are encouraged to use mute commands to avoid harassers, but continued harassment may result in removal from the cluster.
  3. Spam messages
  4. Threaten to or even attempt to dox or ddos - Instant permaban.
  5. Evade bans from server hosts (if you believe a ban to be unjust please contact the host and/or a staffmember - do NOT attempt to evade it)
  6. Abuse the vote system - Spamming fraudulent votes, vote kicking people for no reason (not liking someone is NOT a reason), using vote map to troll currently alive survival players, etc.
What you may not do as an Uploader:

  1. Upload iwads
  2. Upload any wads with exploitative scripts or essentially anything that enables a mod author or friend the ability to cheat through mod commands
  3. Upload wads that contain content that was stolen from someone else / non credited.
  4. Upload wads that contain large amounts of copyrighted content (ie a wad with an entire album of Alice in Chains in mp3)
  5. Attempt to bypass our banned wads in any way (reuploading, renaming, etc)

TSPG Staff members:

  1. Staff may moderate any server as needed
  2. Staff may join private servers if there is a need to do so
  3. Staff may view the logs of your server as well as rcon password (please use passwords that you do not use for other things)
  4. Staff may determine if an action or behavior breaks the spirit of our policy / rules and moderate accordingly
  5. Staff will not consider donor status as immunity from consequences
  6. Staff will not engage in unwarranted personal attacks or harassment
  7. Staff will not administrate for personal reasons
  8. Staff is not a circlejerk

This policy may be changed at any time without prior notice.
By using our service, you agree to the aforementioned policy.
If you do not agree to this policy, you may terminate your usage of hosting service, as this policy applies to you, the user, using the hosting service (Not as a player) while using said service.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy your games on The Sentinel's Playground.