Why use [TSPG]
Well, since we are similar to BE, the same sort of features apply. Here they are for your reference!
  • Starting a server takes a few seconds
  • Upload your own WAD/PK3 files and play the game your way
  • Even if you turn off your computer/client, your server will stay up
  • RCON access as well as log access to your server, granting you complete control
  • Gigabit network to ensure your servers don't lag
The only difference is location. Our server is located at New Jersey, USA. The website is hosted on the node Painkiller
Getting started
The servers are managed on our irc channel, where the bot will start your server for you via commands.
The full guide with all options can be viewed here, a quick guide is provided below.
  1. Follow instructions on how to register here.
  2. Type .host iwad="doom2.wad" gamemode="deathmatch" wad="udm3.wad" hostname="My first server" in the #tspg-painkiller channel to start your server
  3. This will start a duel server named "My first server" with the wad udm3.wad. Please see this guide for all hosting options.
Using Zandronum Beta builds
Some All servers may will be hosted with a Beta build, however some people may not know how to have their favourite browser download them.
Follow the instructions here to get it all set up.
For manual installation, you can find the latest builds here under Development Builds. Please note that Linux and Mac builds usually appear later.